MA in Economics and Finance Program

In an increasingly integrated and competitive world, the need for professionals who have the capability to understand and evaluate complex economic events is greater than ever, both in the financial and the industrial sectors. In addition, at a period of deep restructuring in financial markets all around the world, there is ever more need in Turkey for professionals who are skilled and proficient in both economics and finance.

This program intends to prepare students for this challenging new financial and industrial environment, as well as for further studies leading to a PhD degree in economics and in finance-related areas.

Throughout the program students will acquire a solid theoretical basis in economics (micro and macro economics) and finance theory (financial economics, financial markets and institutions, corporate finance, and risk management), and they will be exposed to state-of-the-art analytical tools and techniques of quantitative analysis (statistics and econometrics). The required courses in economic analysis, finance, and quantitative techniques are geared towards this objective. The elective courses are designed to allow students to further specialize in the economic and financial topics (such as banking, derivatives, strategic decision-making, portfolio management). These elective courses are application-oriented and are prepared in close collaboration with the leading practitioners in the Turkish and international markets. Additionally, students are required to write a project paper during the summer term.

Intensive refresher courses will be offered in mathematics and accounting.

This is a one-year tuition-based program.  Tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year is 108.900,00 TL, paid in three  installments : 42.900,00 TL in October, 42.900,00 TL in January, and 23.100,00 TL in June.  Partial tuition waivers are available in limited quantities. All applicants are considered for partial tuition waivers automatically.

Scholarships are granted in the form of a partial tuition waiver to a few outstanding candidates. Scholarship recipients are expected to excel in the program. All applicants are considered for scholarship automatically.

There is a discount for registered students from the same company: two applicants registered to the program from the same company would be entitled to 10% discount each; three applicants registered to the program from the same company would be entitled to 15% discount each; and four applicants and above would be entitled to 20% discount each. These discounts would strictly be limited to three-semesters. Firms operating under the same corporate structure are considered to be a single entity as long as they are in the same sector (for example, if a company has direct ownership of different firms operating in banking, insurance and leasing, these are considered as one company).

The program consists of three terms: Fall, Spring, and Summer. The Fall and the Spring terms are of 12 teaching weeks, while the Summer term is of 6 teaching weeks with doubled teaching load. The class size will be around 40 students.

Classes will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings between 18:30-21:20 and on Saturday mornings between 9:30-12:20. The weekly seminars and discussion sessions will normally be held during the Fall and Spring terms on Saturdays, following a light-meal after the morning classes.

The core of the teaching faculty is from Department of Economics at Boğaziçi University while leading experts and visiting international scholars teach as adjunct faculty. The curriculum is taught in English.