// Natuk Birkan Building, NB119
// Natuk Birkan Building, NB119

BOĞAZİÇİ UNIVERSITY MA in Economics and Finance Program

In an increasingly integrated and competitive world, the need for professionals who have the capability to understand and evaluate complex economic events is greater than ever, both in the financial and the industrial sectors. In addition, at a period of deep restructuring in financial markets all around the world, there is ever more need in Turkey for professionals who are skilled and proficient in both economics and finance.

Econfin, now about to see its 20th class graduate, aims to prepare students for this challenging new financial and industrial environment.

ALUMNI Profiles

Boğaziçi University ECONFIN '17
Econfin gave me the opportunity to become an exceptional specialist.
Boğaziçi University ECONFIN '09
I am proud of being a member of this family.
Boğaziçi University ECONFIN '06
ECONFIN provided us financial expertise, combining theory and practice, in the heart of Istanbul.